My Journey to Tech - Episode 1: Year 2000

My Tech 101 - Y2K

The Apocalypse

Y2K was the year that apparently was supposed to be the end of the World. The Apocalypse. Everyone feared it to be the technological doomsday. Computers were designed to understand years in two digits. i.e. 92, 93, ..., and then 99 gave room to 2000 which would be interpreted as 00. This would in actuality mean the systems would take it as the Year 1900, taking us back a century. Crushing all systems as we knew them.

Anyway, the world never ended, but the year 99 did. I was also a little a kid to really care about the Y2K crush.

It bothered my Dad though. .lol

My First Un-Official Laptop

Dad gave me my very first un-official laptop to be using when am home. Yes. Unofficial. Here is the Unofficial reason. All the years before this one, my dad would never let me go to bed with the laptop in my possession. I was always supposed to pack it back in it's briefcase looking laptop bag and slide it under his bed not matter how late at night I retire for bed.

On holidays, however, I would once in a while outsmart him. Go to bed after midnight, and take the laptop with me to my room. If he asked in the morning I would say, "It was very late to knock at your bedroom door so I just kept it."

Am 8 years old now. Mid 2000. Blake Stone - Aliens of Gold, fighting Dr. Goldfire was my daily game. The very first game, or most likely, only game that I actually got addicted to. I was playing on the sole loved Laptop that my dad would never let me go to sleep with it in my possession. A Gateway Solo 2100. Specifications included;

  • RAM 16MB
  • HDD 256MB

I never cared about the processing power so I don't know how much it was packing but hey, it was my LOVE. Running a clean Windows 98SE (Second Edition) I had upgraded from 95 with the help from my Dad. My first favourite Windows OS. The installation disc came with nice games. Those I still remember are;

  • Monster Truck Madness
  • Motocross Madness

This year. The year 2000. My dad got me an Upgrade. This one was my. OFFICIAL. Laptop

The Upgrade. My First Official Laptop

I would go to bed with it slipped under my bedsheets and my dad would never care. I would work on it with friends, my dad would never care a bit.


No more watching Goku(DB) with my friends(which I wasn't already watching anyway). No more Pokemon. It was me and my FIRST OFFICIAL LAPTOP.

A Gateway Solo 2200. With specifications including;

  • RAM 128MB
  • HDD 2GB

Again, I never cared about the processing power. No one I knew had such a machine. Not even my friend's dads had a laptop better than mine. It brought up the 'Curious George' in me. It was the beginning of me never ever having a laptop with a stable OS.

I would have Windows 98 SE in it today, a week down the line I would have Windows ME(Millennium), and a week after, Windows 2000(2K). The fun begun. Continued till my college days (2011 - 2015). One Laptop multiple OSs. My favourite combo then, being;

  • Lubuntu
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora (pain in the back really)

Let's not call this Dual Booting, but Trio-Booting. .lol. Am laughing right now.

Windows Movie Maker

Remember Windows Movie Maker? Oh Gosh, this kept me stuck like glue to my Windows Me.

Can't wait to share with you guys more on my journey. Until Next week. Stay Geeky. Stay Live.